1. Introduction Company

PTSC Mechanical and Construction (PTSC MC) is a division of Petrolium Technical Services Coporation (PTSC), a leading company in provision of technical services for oil and gas industry in Viet Nam.

PTSC MC has the following functions and business
- Fabrication, construction, assembly, installation of structures, equipment and facilities in oil and gas industry;
- Fabrication, construction, assembly, installation and manufacturing of tanks, storage facilities, piping systems of petroleum, oil, gas and condensate;
- Managerment, organization and excution, implementation of works, activities in mechanical marine fields
- Maintenance, repairing, new-building and fabrication, construction and modification of floating facilities.
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2. Project Overview

- Name: Su Tu Den NorthEast Project             Duration: Feb 2008 to May 2010

Project Scope: EPCI (Engineering, procurement, Construction and Installation) of Deck, Jacket, in-field pipelines and bubmarine cable. Deck Weighted 2,200 tons, 12-slot Jacket around 1,000 tons with four piles (1,000 tons) and conductors (1,100 tons)

- Contractual Entities
   Client: Cuu Long Joint Operating Company.
- Location:
Engineering and procurement phase: from Feb 2008 to Mar 2009. During this phase, the overall Project Managerment Team including engineering and procurement teams are based in jakarta,  Indonesia.

3. Work Responsibilities:
Position: Procurement Manager                         Duration: Sep 2008 to Sep 2009.
Job Description
Monitoring and managing the following steps:
a.  All activities from Request for Quatation, Technical/ Commercial Bid Evaluation, Award Recommendation, PO Review and Post PO managerment including expediting, logistics, delivery & payment to vendors.
b. Ensuring the equipment/ materials are delivered in accordance with the agreed schedule and quality.
Coordinating with the following divisions/departments.
a. Coordinate to handle technical issues/ engineering related to procurement issues during bidding time and contract executiong.
b. Coordinate to do report and acquire approval from the Client for some certain steps during procurement process.
c. Coordinate and manage the procurement suppot servieces from Subcontractor.
d. Coordinate for transportation/freinght and receipt of materials and equipment at the right arrival place and at the right time
e. Coordinate for receips of materials and equipment and handle OS & D as well as warrenty claim
f. Coordinate for payments to Vendors
g. Coordinate to do vendor data review/incorporation.

4. Requirements 

- Minimum 7 years experience in purchasing function relating to oil and gas projects.
- Good understanding of customs requirements on importation of materials and equipment for similar projects.
- Experienced in handling procurement of materials of similar magnitude and complexity.
- Able to organize and direct all activities pertaining to the procurement works so as to meet the schedule, quality and safety requirements of the project.
- Relevant professional degree
- Fluency in spoken and written English.
5. Other information:
- Working Regime: 6 day per week, up to 10 hours per day.
- Working place: Now - tentatively Mar 2009: Jakarta (Indonesia)
                        Tentatively April 2009 to Sep 2009: Vung Tau (VietNam)
6. Salary: Suitable for international Working Environmen
7. Interested Candidates please send applications to address:
- HR Dept, Machanical Construction Company.
- 31,  30/4 str., Vung Tau City                      Tel: 064. 838.834                Fax: 064. 838. 170





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